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Victor & Kelly Fichman celebrating an anniversary at Mortons Steak House - Spring 2017.

Welcome to Our Home

Welcome to It's here we intend to share our favorite places to eat, the folks who make them worth visiting, and the cooking tips and tricks we'll learn from creative culinary craftspeople everywhere. It should be stressed we're not anticipating reviewing chain size establishments here. It's the small, home town places unique to specific areas we're most interested in. The good and excellent places that your friends, family and neighbors go to on a daily basis or for those special occasions like graduations, birthdays, and holidays.

From time to time we'll be inviting energetic people with a wide variety of interest and skills to share their experiences too. Chefs, business owners, experienced travelers, advocates for various culinary schools of thought will all be featured on these pages.

We be starting a directory of Chefs, an in-depth feature page with bios where they can list their skills, display a photo gallery of some of their best dishes, and contact information to locate them in a snap.

Consumer education is another area of interest for us. We'll be adding drink and food recipes, tracking government consumer alerts and lots more.

We’ll going to work at being a consistently positive influence. is only going to post positive stories about inspiring people; the foods that give us comfort and something to look forward to as we struggle through our week; and most important of all an escape from the constant barrage of negativity we see everywhere today.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey and come to appreciate what we have to offer. We’ll value your positive input as well. It’s our intention to build in more and more features as we go along, and we hope you’ll enjoy the journey exploring all those different opportunities as much as we do.


Victor L Fichman
Reston, Virginia
January 2018